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Born 1979 in Frankfurt/ Main, Germany

(lived for one year in New York City, U.S.)

State-approved Alternative Practitioner

State-approved Psychotherapist (HPG)

State-approved Physiotherapist

Studies of Humanities, Humbold University

Since 2002 professional experience as therapeutic tutor, works also as bodytherapist and lecturer.

Different approaches inspire my work. They stand in the background of my tutoring.

Constantly persists a network of cooperation and supervision with therapists and alternative practitioner.

You love to speak your mother-tongue? Welcome!

Kinesiology & Alternative Medicine

Kinesiology as a intelligent technique finds out unconscious mental, psychic oder somatic lifethemes, which are in disorder. Approbiate measures can decouple located conflicts and test required and approbiate alternative medical aid. Kinesiology acc. to Klinghardt is neurophysiologically based and goes with latest scientifical findings about the autonom nervous system.

Energetic and Emotional Bodywork & Bodypsychotherapie

Body-Gestalt-Therapy acc. to L. Johnson, F. Pearls
ISP-Integral Somatic Psychology acc. to PhD. R.Selvam,

in advancement of SE- Somatic Experience (acc. to Dr. P. Levine)

and Evolutionary Psychology acc. to PhD. Poole- Heller- SATe / DARe will inspire my work.

Longstanding experience of combination from Yoga, Meditation, Massage-, Essence-, Breath- and Energetic work builds a base, as well as physical and manual therapy, biobehavoral and neurological prozesses, elements of cranio sacral and osteopathy.

Co-counseling & Psychotherapy

Deep and existential psychology acc. to I.Yalom and neoanalytic Therapy acc. to. K. Horney, A.Bion and H.Beland are building a foundation. In combination with different bodywork methods, integral psychology, polaritywork or systemic pattern there is a deeper approach to inner authority, progress and latitude. E.g. NLP, hypnotherapy, transpersonal psychology and integration of near-death or spiritual experiences results from e.g. not less then seven years of continously training at a institut of psychotherapy and in total decade of training, supervision at different institutes.

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